What U Get

Setting Up Your Event:


Sell Tickets It's easy as 1,2,3. Use our technology to sell tickets to your event!


Sell Tables Upload a floorplan and tag hotspots to set pricing. (Call to inquire)

Store Items Add items to your event via our event management system.

Add Images Upload a flyer for the event to be displayed on your event page.


Add Videos Insert a video embed code in your event in seconds!


Add Sound Insert an mp3 embed link to play music or a voiceover on your event page.


Guest List Not selling tickets? Don't worry you can use our service to keep track of your guest FREE!

Promote Your Event:


Social Media Tools Auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter from your event page.


E-Mail Blast Campaigns Send html e-mails to your subscribers and update them on upcoming events!


Banner Management Upload ad banners and generate embed codes to send to affiliates or use on websites. (Call to inquire)


Discount Codes Upload unlimited promotional codes to help you entice sales.

Print Hard Copy Tickets Need hand tickets? No problem, we offer this service!

Sub Promoters/Affiliates Add affiliate sellers to your event and determine how much money they make!

Event Reporting:

Track Sales Check your event sales easily with our reporting tool

Accounting Income is automatically added, but feel free to add more and add your expenses for a total

Custom Reporting Tons of reports are located in your dashboard for your conveniennce.

Web/Mobile Check-In Check your guests in at the door with ease

E-Tickets Tickets are automatically generated, barcoded and sent via e-mail to buyers after purchase


Style Your Website Feed your events through your own website in minutes with one of our widgets! (Call to inquire)

Seller Pages Perosnalize your seller page and promot one link with all of your events.

Upgrade Upgrade your listing to get more exposure on Neptix.com

Customized Event Page Add a header image to your event page to make it unique and stylish.

Service Fees & Payment

Service Fee Service fee is based off ticket price ranging from 5% - 20%

How Do I Collect My Money? If you are using our merchant account, checks are sent out the Friday (7 days) after your event. If you need expedited payment,
this option is available for an additional fee. If you would like to use your own merchant account please e-mail info@neptix.com.

How Do Refunds Affect Final Payment? Usually we hold on to 10% of final payment for larger events to handle chargebacks and refunds.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? We accept all major credit cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover